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Licking Mat For Dogs and Cats - Red

Licking Mat For Dogs and Cats - Red

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  • Soothes and Calms Dogs & Cats: Keeps pets active and entertained; repetitive licking increases endorphins, which decreases anxiety and calms pets; reduces boredom and destructive behavior. Strong suctions cups allow you to stick mat wherever you like.
  • Works with All Types of Treats & Foods: wet, dry, yogurt, peanut butter, and all spreadable treats; prolongs three of your pet? favorite activities ?licking, playing, and eating! Interactive pet-treat snuffle mat keeps your pet entertained for hours of fun!
  • Promotes Good Dental Health: Causes pets to generate saliva, which naturally protects teeth & gums; licking tongue motion promotes fresh breath by scraping off odor-causing bacteria
  • Slows Down Feeding & Dishwasher Safe: Mimics foraging, which dramatically prolongs feeding enjoyment; improves digestion by slowing down eating while pet enjoys licking mat; promotes portion control ? fewer calories over longer duration. Made of Silicone 100% Dishwasher Safe.
  • Raised Paws Design: Raised paws design on mat provides textured grooves to keep pets engaged; helps reduce time spent licking their own paws, which can cause unhealthy hair balls; NOT A CHEW TOY ?Please supervise your pet while using feeding mat!
Our Licking Paws Slow Feeding Mat is suitable for both cats and dogs. The mat has strong suction cups that allow you to stick it to floors or walls. High Grade Silicone is 100% dishwasher safe. Helps lesson anxiety and promote calmness in pets, as they lick their favorite snacks from the grooved surface, textured with dog paws. It keeps pets engaged in hours of fun, interactive activity, as they lick the snack mat filled with their favorite treats. Reduces boredom and destructive behavior by keeping them engaged in an activity they love ?licking their paws! Helps reduce licking their own paws, which can produce those unwanted hair balls. Lick the colorful textured paws on our licking mat instead! Great for better dental hygiene by scraping away odor-producing bacteria off the tongue and triggering saliva. The mat slows down feeding, mimicking foraging, which dramatically prolongs feeding enjoyment. At the same time, it promotes healthy portion control by having pets feed on a controlled among of calories over a longer duration of time. The Licking Paws Slow Feeding Mat keeps pets engaged in three activities they love ?licking, playing, and eating!

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