About Monarch and Monroe Cattery

Welcome to Monarch and Monroe Cattery, It's Jane here. We are glad that you found us!

We are a TICA-registered, small family of cat breeders who are based in Brooklyn, New York. We have been breeding cats for the last 8 years and each of our cats are rightful members of our family.

As a cat breeder who focus on breeding show cats, we have devoted our time and care to all our cats' welfare and comfort making sure that they are showered with love and always at its best health and environment. 

Our cats are never in cage but rather roam freely in our house to socialize with other cats, animals, kids and other members of the family. This also helps them get fully accustomed to regular house noise so they can easily adapt to their new homes later. Aside from socializing, we also ensure that our cats are feed with the best food and nutrition that we can give. Each of our cats have gone through genetic testing, complete with all vaccinations and regularly checked by a veterinarian. We have very limited litter a year because our Queens' health is our top priority. 

As you bring home your kitten, we provide not only medical records of your cat but also complete documentation and pedigree papers. When needed, you will be able to meet the kitten's parents too! 

Your new family member is now waiting for you, get in touch with us if you have any questions. You can send us an email at jane@britishelitechinchilla.com or give us a call at (347) 450-3830.  

xx Jane